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Privet Tree

Ligustrum vulgare is the botanical name of the plant that is more commonly called as Wild Privet, sometimes Common Privet or European Privet. It originates from the central and southern Europe, northern Africa and southwestern Asia.

This semi-evergreen or deciduous shrub is capable to attain the height up to 3 m (seldom up to 5 m). It produces erect stem with grey-brownish bark, featuring the spots from tiny brown lenticels.

The plant's leaves are opposite arranged, growing in the shape from oval to lanceolate. They are from 2 to 6 cm in length and 0.5–1.5 cm wide. The blooming time for the Wild Privet takes place in the middle of the summer season.

It produces creamy-white blossoms in panicle; their length is about 3-6 cm. The blooms are distinguished by a strongly sweet scent; however a lot of humans consider it not so pleasing. 

This summer –flowering plant is a pleasure to look at.

Ligustrum vulgare - Privet flowers
Ligustrum vulgare flowers - Privet tree

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